About me

From as early as I can remember I have been passionate about plants and flowers; the colour, textures, shapes and scents delighting my senses. Even as a young child I would pick and arrange jam jars of foraged leaves and wild flowers, learn the names of them and identify different trees from their leaf and branch shapes. While for a number of years I followed other career paths, my love of floral design was frequently indulged, and my skills developed, by attending the local flower club and workshops, arranging in churches and various venues for many different occasions.

I love arranging in any form, but my signature style is natural, free flowing, organic and evocative of the English countryside and gardens, often using leaves, seeds, berries and flowers foraged from our farm, hedges and tolerant friends’ and family gardens to enhance the beauty of the bought in flowers (some imported and some British): and I grow a number of flowers myself.

In 2008 I did my first full wedding involving church and marquee plus bouquets, corsages and buttonholes and the creative buzz from that, along with the great satisfaction of having enhanced my friends’ special day set me on a path to doing more full scale events. My enthusiasm, careful selection of colour shades, attention to detail, use of beautiful and harmonious, well-conditioned materials combined with a desire to really capture the vibe and look that you are seeking, creates the impact that will give you treasured memories of your special event.

Whether you have a strong clear idea of your floral dream or just a general feeling for what you might want, I will work with you, gathering your ideas and offering concepts, from your first consultation and creation of the first mood board, to the final realisation of your vision.

I also love to help other people get the creative satisfaction I feel from floral design, so if you wish to be closely involved in the creation, and maybe would like to do some of it yourself, but need a bit of advice or input, then I am more than happy to either advise or organise a most enjoyable, fun and memorable working party before the event.

Please contact me for more information on 07801 863379 or jeanniewilliamson@rocketmail.com

Download my PDF leaflet: Printable flyer